Essonova Corporation provides end-to-end agile development methodologies and techniques to handle mission critical consulting services of clients’ software development needs. We have proven track record of delivering long term business solutions by analyzing business requirements and developing and customizing software applications and proving sustainable maintenance solutions of IT Services. We offer domain knowledge in Insurance, Retail, Social media, Telecom, Airlines and e-Commerce sector.

Professional Services.

With proven expertise in developing end-to-end software applications we have proven track record of developing applications starting from conceptualization to full fledge working applications and products. We are ready to take 100% ownership of application development involving .NET, Java and Open source Technologies and any database as back end.

Strategic Solution Services

Essonova goal is to understand and devise the solutions for client’s business need. We offer several solutions and technology paths to our clients and do the cost benefit analysis, development cost, maintenance cost and ROI analysis. It helps clients to make appropriate strategic business decision to choose technology suite and decision related to development of software applications and products. We helps client to build world class IT infrastructure using emerging technologies.

Business Consulting

Understanding client’s business needs and mapping them into strategic business solutions to enable client to compete in globalize business environment is biggest challenge. We follow the principle of Keep-It-Simple. We offer optimal solutions that involve combination of Open Source technologies, third-party tools, keeping development life span short and ease of usage of technology solutions and low maintenance and enhancement cost. Automation of business processes, development of systems, forecasting future, contemplating usage of business models and analyzing external threats are key elements that we discuss with core management team of our client to derive efficient business solutions with usage of information technology and operation research techniques.

Software Product development is the core competency at Essonova Corporation. We provide a complete range of software development services, including Requirement gathering, system design, coding, testing, integration and project management. We can provide services at the client site or remotely from our Solution Center.

Agile Methodology:
We strictly follow agile development methodology. With our proven track record we have developed state of art the software products for our clients. Essonova consultants had developed Products for Insurance, Retail, Airlines, Media Houses and Social Media Companies.

At Essonova we believe in innovation. Our consultants continuously focus on improving design methodologies and development processes. We continuously encourage our consultants to develop reusable components and frameworks so that they can be used across Industries and reduce development techniques.

Product Maintenance:
Timely Maintenance and Support are key attributes of the successful Software Product. With Essonova proven expertise in live debugging in Production Environment give her strategic advantage in maintaining and supporting Complex Software Application and Product with greater Ease. We have expertise in reverse engineering, fixing memory leaks, resolving hangs and improving performance of slow running applications.

At Essonova Corporation firmly believe technology is mean to develop systems solution not an end in itself. Technology is a tool that helps us help our clients. Technology skill enhancement is an ongoing pursuit at Essonova Corporation as that is the only way we can equip our teams with the best tools to serve our clients.

Numerous organizations have embarked on the establishment of Software Measurement Programs as a means to make informed management decisions on how to improve quality and productivity. These organizations have met with varying degrees of success. Those that have enjoyed the greatest success have followed many of the practices OBERON promotes in our consulting services for Measurement Program Implementation. Establishing a successful software measurement program requires the support of experienced professionals. Our expert consultation can help your organization implement or enhance a measurement program tailored to your needs.

The Framework

OBERON’s consulting service for Measurement Program Implementation is designed to help you identify and collect pertinent quality and productivity data from your Applications Portfolio and Software Projects that will lead to the identification of Improvement Initiatives.

Our Services

A successful implementation requires a clear definition of goals and objectives, senior management commitment and an effective plan. With these in place you will be able to identify meaningful metrics in order to design and implement an effective measurement system. Our services focus on all of the components necessary to establish and successfully manage measurement in your organization. Depending on your unique requirements, we can help you

Our Approach

The bench marking methodology utilizes proven techniques to statistically measure the output and quality of the software development process. The techniques used include function point analysis, best in practice analysis, financial analysis, defect measurement and user satisfaction surveys. The resulting baseline and benchmark comparison will provide your organization with


A major activity in the benchmarking process is the data collection and analysis of completed development projects. This data will quantify development quality and productivity and identify opportunities to improve the development environment. In-process development projects can also be included in order to assist in project planning, estimating and change of scope management.

Application Assets

Our benchmarking process also focuses on existing applications. Application size, support costs and maintenance variables are collected and analyzed. The resulting information provides a basis for an applications maintenance strategy, identification of maintenance improvement opportunities and valuation of software assets.

Process Improvement Initiatives

A major deliverable of the benchmarking process is the identification of Continuous Process Improvement opportunities. On the basis of project and application measures, we will compare your organization’s use of tools and processes to the best in practice and identify opportunities that will significantly improve productivity, quality and reduce costs. Optionally, we can assist you in the planning and implementation of specific improvement opportunities.

Our Services

Our benchmarking service results in a comprehensive measurement baseline that will allow you to achieve your quality and productivity goals. Depending on your unique requirements, we can help you

Successful Mobile Apps Begin With Innovative Design, Middle tier based on Service Oriented Architecture and super-fast backend and file servers.

There are millions of application available at application stores. How many times have you downloaded an app, never to use it again? Most likely the poor experience was a result of poor design. Mobile app design is a very specialized form of design and is not easy. Designers have to contend with small screen sizes, erratic networks and high expectations.

Successful mobile apps are elegant and have excellent flow. Most importantly, good design serves the purpose of providing the user with minimal friction to do what they want to do.

Essonova has the experience you need. There are over 1.5 million apps in Apple’s App Store and over 10 million Android based mobile applications. How do you stand out in such a crowded market? This is where mobile app design becomes of strategic importance.

Successful mobile app design requires creative skill and technical knowledge. Essonova Technology is developing consumer facing Social Media application PortaVU in Collobration with PortalVu Canada. It is pretty bold initiative from the small like Essonova to Design and develop public facing mobile apps for IPhone and Aderoid and Web platforms.

We strictly follow responsive design guidelines and agile development techniques to develop all kind of mobile applications.

Essonova offers a comprehensive BI solution for Oracle EBS customers. The solution is made using IBM Cognos ver 10.2.1 and is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The 64-bit version uses DQM (Dynamic Query mode) for superfast performance when querying even detailed data. The solution is available in the form of:

  • 1> Cubes using IBM's MOLAP technology for multi-dimensional analysis of data
  • 2> Comprehensive Self-service BI using IBM's relational technology to query aggregrated as well as detailed data
  • 3> Pre-built analytics in the form of Reports and Dashboards

The solution is available for Sales, Demand, Purchasing, Inventory and General ledger data sets. In addition to this, we have some pre-built KPIs for retail industry ( AOV, IPT, Traffic and Conversion )

The tight integration of the solution provides one version of the truth and allows reporting of multiple data sets on the same screen while the user-friendliness of the solution makes it easy for the business to query the data. While drag-and-drop technique is very common in the BI world, our solution allows to drag-and-drop multiple KPIs from different business areas on the same screen to provide an easy reporting experience to the business. Some of the reports that can be made with ease are the ones for which most companies normally hire developers to make the reports.

The combination of data and graphics in pre-built analytics gives an easy insight into the business:

Drill-downs and drill-ups are available for every data set. Drilling-down either on the Sales manager’s name or on the bar chart will show the data for the locations managed by him/her:

Self-service analytics is available from cubes which can either be used in Cognos Workspace Advances or Analysis Studio to make your own reports/analysis:

Clicking on the Products will allow you to drill-down to explore the data for analysis:

In addition to the the regular dimensions like Products, Locations the cubes are built with Year-Over-Year analysis too. YOY comparisons can be used for any dimension. Drill-downs and easy to make graphics are also available.

Self-service reporting is available from a comprehensive package which provides relational data at the summarized as well as detailed level. It can be used either in Query Studio or Cognos Workspace Advanced.

Expanded view of the relational package:

E-Commerce/ Web Portals and Web Software Development as e-Business has become the norm. We provide custom solutions on top of the MVC frameworks (Zend framework, Code Igniter), Drupal and Magneto . Essonova Corporation provides the custom web tools necessary to bring our clients into the global marketplace. Essonova Corporation provides companies with the necessary tools to support safe and reliable payment gateways, streamline and create unified frameworks for electronic payments, create components supporting universal Internet payment usage and acceptance, while ensuring security through digitally signed notices, digitally signed encrypted confirmation, digitally signed and encrypted monthly statements, and provision of technology that ensures secure messaging. Essonova Corporation offers clients an infrastructure capable of handling e- commerce, a customized system to ensure the integrity and security of online transactions and an outsourced transaction processing service.

We offer:

Design and Development of Enterprise Internet and Intranet Web Applications using .NET and Java Technology

Enterprise-wide Security.

Firewalls and Proxy Servers.

Public and Shared Secret Key Protocols: SSL, S-HTTP, NTLM, SET.

Design and Development of enterprise web sites using open source content management tools: – Zoomla, WordPress, Drupal.

Design and Development of Web Based Call Center Systems for Insurance Companies.

Design and Development web based extension components and plugins for New Paper Industries.

Web Based Reporting Systems for Oil and Gas Companies.

Administration of Web Servers: Essonova offers administration and management of Apache, IIS webservers on Linux and Windows Platform respectively.

Tools and Technologies used and supported by Essonova for Web development.

HTML, Java Script, JQuery, Moto, Dojo, Prototype, XHTML, XML, PHP, Python, .NET, ASP.NET, MVC Framework, JSP, Web Services, Zoomla, Site Core, SharePoint Portal Server, Drupal, Magento, Xcart.

Custom Software Application Development provides full lifecycle support, from design and architecture through development, testing, deployment and maintenance. Modern Software Architecture is driving beyond the traditional monolithic structure with ubiquitous Web Services, Rich Web Interfaces, Could Computing and Mobile Apps Development. Essonova excels in the cutting edge technologies that enable business value through development and customization of software applications

Business Applications planned within a modern SOA environment have specific architectural needs. The concept of reusable services has altered the entire approach to architect complex systems. Essonova Architectural design team have extensive experience in SOA Software Design and Development that can ensure a successful technical approach, comply with reference architectures, and make the most use of reusable services.

Organizations looking to outside partners to provide custom software have many options, but few companies are as skilled in SOA software architecture and design, Mobile Applications Development and Enterprising eCommerce applications as Essonova Corporation. At Essonova, we live the SOA lifestyle in all aspects of our software development services. Experience the difference that experience brings with Essonova Software Development and Customization Services.

Essonova provides Software Development in Microsoft, Open Source, Database and ERP technologies. Technologies Supported .Net, ASP.NET, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, SQL Server Development, Open Source Technologies (PHP, Drupal, Joomla, osCommerce & Java, Magento, PHP, Java, Linux), Database Technologies (SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle, Hadoop, DB2) and ERP Technologies (Oracle Apps, i2, Microsoft CRM, Biztalk Server)

We help organizations in two ways, by strengthening their existing in-house technical teams and introducing critical computational and advanced programming skills for particular IT projects. It helps US companies to stay globally competitive and boost US Companies Productivity

Essonova’s Consultants has designed and developed several Enterprise applications for Insurance, Telecommunications, Gas Staions, Banking, Education, Media, and Retail.

Following is partial list of Enterprise applications developed by Essonova’s Engineers

GCCS is internal website to support Globe Life Call center agents. This application captures the additional data sources and facilitates agent phone sales. This new site allows agents to view and quotes all available ‘s Engineerproducts rates for customers as well provide needed reporting to assist with managing sales process. A separate module was implemented to accept payment from customers. Technologies Used:- Windows XP, Microsoft .NET platform 3.5/4.0, Visual Studio.NET 2008/2010, ASP.NET, C#.NET, SQL Server 2000/2008, JavaScript, AJAX, Web Services, WCF (Windows Communication Framework), ADO.NET, IIS, VSS

The Premium Accounting Load System (PALS) is used by United Healthcare Student Resources as a staging system to validate member and coverage information before it is sent to Insight. User can use this application to add individual or list. Insight is UHCSR’s home grown suite of applications to maintain Bid and Policy, Financial, Maintenance and Automated. Technologies Used: Windows XP, SOA, Microsoft .NET platform 2.0/3.5/4.0, Visual Studio.NET 2005/2008/2010, ASP.NET, Winforms, C#.NET, SQL Server 2005/2008, JavaScript, AJAX, Telerik RadControls, Web Services, WCF (Windows Communication Framework), WPF (Windows Presentation Framework), ADO.NET, IIS, VSS, SSIS, SSRS

LMS is an integral part of the ACS Learning Technology Platform and an easy-to-use Powerful learning management system that helps large corporations (Cisco, Ernst & Young etc) to manage knowledge resources and training. It is a web-based .NET application that provides employees the tools necessary for finding training, managing learning, and tracking professional growth. Technologies Used:-.NET Framework, C#, ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2005, Windows XP, SOA, WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), Web Services, SQL 2005

General Ledger Financial Reporting Systems: PDI is largest Independent Software Vendor; provide enterprise software solutions to majority of convenience stores/gas stations. General Ledger Financial Reporting System is state of the art reporting application is developed to overcome the shortcomings of third party product (FRx) for large enterprise customers like 7/11. Reporting engine can produce income statements, balance sheets, and other ledger-based financial reports more efficiently than FRx by the end of the month within few hours. Technologies Used:- .NET C#, VS 2005, Windows XP, Win forms, ASP.NET, Web Services, XML, XSD, SQL 2005, Crystal Reports, PDI Core Libraries.

Essonova Corporation is a US based knowledge process outsourcing and ITES service provider.

Essonova provides turnkey solution to the needs of Title Insurance and Mortgage Industries by providing services for various processes to Title and Appraisal Clients.

We have a network of experienced and smart professionals & is one of the fastest growing company in the country. We are focused on providing the best service to customer. Essonova has a dedicated team works cohesively with new technologies blended with trusted old methods and online, which makes Essonova services trusted, fastest and guarantee us to gain our profit..

We provide title searches;
Title Searches:
Current Owner Search 
Two Owner Search 
Legal and Vesting Search
Full Search
Document Retrieval Search 
Update Search
Mortgage Search

Includes all open mortgages, Judgement liens, Federal Tax Liens, Mechanics Liens, with the final preparation of either a notes only report or a fully typed Abstract of Title bound.

We are fully E&O insured and provide quick, accurate and cost effective searches Nationwide!

Email us at for more details.

Report Preparations - Essonova type the reports in client software's such as Gators, Ramp Quest, Web-based and MS Word Document.

Typing Reports
Legal and Vesting Typing 
Abstract Typing 
Commitment Typing 
Property Typing 
Legal Typing

Policy Preparations
Short Form Policies
Long Form Policies
HUD preparation

Voice/Online Processes
Loan Payoff Statement
Tax Certification

Appraisal Back Office
Appraisal Qc Review
Appraisal Data Entry

We are well versed with the different type of forms, lender requirements, checklists and perform quality control appraisal review to our customer;

  • 1.       1004 - Uniform Residential Appraisal Report
  • 2.       1004C - Manufactured Home Appraisal Report
  • 3.       1004D - Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report
  • 4.       1073 - Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report
  • 5.       1025 - Small Residential Income Property Appraisal Report
  • 6.       1075 - Exterior-Only Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report
  • 7.       2000 - One-Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Report
  • 8.       2000A - Two- to four-Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Report
  • 9.       2075 - Desktop Underwriter Property Inspection Report
  • 10.    2055 - Exterior-Only Inspection Residential Appraisal Report
  • 11.    2090 - Individual Cooperative Interest Appraisal Report
  • 12.    2095 - Exterior-Only Inspection Individual Cooperative Interest Appraisal Report
  • 13.    1004MC - Market Conditions Addendum to the Appraisal Report
  • 14.    1007 - Single Family Comparable Rent Schedule
  • 15.    216 - Operating Income Statement

Title Plant Development:
Essonova provides title plant indexing services to real estate and mortgage industries nationwide. We key information from property related documents such as Deed, Deed of Trust, Lien documents, Marriage Certificates, Right of way, Easement and other documents.

We key;

Parties related information (Grantor, Grantee, Document Type, Amount) Legal details (Subdivision, Block, lot, Acreage, volume, page and prior references)

We have expertise to key the back plant documents as well as go forward documents with excellent quality and turnaround time. We process double key and triple compare of each and every document to maintain 99.995% accuracy. We provide projection for back plant indexing and for Go Forward, we deliver the data within 24 hours turnaround time.

Why Essonova:
  • Faster turn time: We offer quick and overnight turn time.
  • Compatibility with leading software’s such as ACI, Gators….
  • Pricing: Best fee in the market.
  • Trial Run. We offer a trial run at no cost to check the quality and trunaround time of our services.

Join our Network:

We understand that talent hunt is a never ending process and we have a dedicated team for acquiring workforce. We are always looking for (Abstractor and Appraisal) Onshore and offshore individuals to join our operations to help us achieve mutual growth. If you are interested, please email us your coverage area and fee at

If you have the dream to make it big in Information Technology we offer a helping hand. Just drop in and talk to us. We offer High-End IT Training with exceptional quality and value, expert faculty, small class sizes, excellent facilities and extensive hands on, our courses will give you a refreshing boost to your career and prepare you for the future. Courses include advanced curriculum. Our flexible schedule includes classes during weekends.

We offer state-of-the-art lab facilities and unlimited computer time to complete Critical Hands-On . Our Training programs are designed to augment knowledge of seasoned IT professional.

1. Advanced Debugging and Reverse Engineering. We offer advanced debugging training for experienced professional and large corporation. We cover Live and remote debugging using Microsoft Advanced debugging tool WinDbg. We train experienced software engineer about analyzing Call Stacks and Memory Dumps, Diagnose Memory Leaks, Tracing, Hangs Issues, Analyzing Network and PerfMon logs. Analyzing IIS and SQL traces.

2. Business Intelligence. We cover Microsoft SSIS, SRS and Analysis Services. We also help companies to build data warehouses and train them to build OLAP Cubes. It also includes MDX, Data Mining and Advanced Statistical Techniques.

3. Microsoft SQL Developer Training. We offer state-of-the-art lab facilities and unlimited computer time to complete Critical Hands-On . Our courses are designed to augment knowledge of seasoned IT professional.

4. Advanced Java Programming. Java Struts Framework, JSP, Servlet, Java Beans and Hibernate (Java).

5. .NET Programming. We teach .NET Framework Internals, OOA, OOD and OOP Concepts, Advanced C#, Widows Communication Foundation, Windows Internals API, Systems Programming Using Windows Kernel Components.

6. Custom Magneto Extensions. We teach how to create Magneto Themes, MVC Components and Zend Framework, EAV Model to write Magneto Extension.

7. PHP and Advanced Zend Framework. We trains engineer about Object Oriented Programming Concepts, Advanced PHP, APIs of Zend Framework library, Linux Internals and Apache Web server