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Construction Management Solutions

Essonova specializes in cutting-edge software development and consulting services tailored for the construction industry. Our innovative solutions are crafted to enhance project management, improve safety measures, and redefine the stakeholder experience in the construction sector.

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Innovative Construction Software Solutions

Empowering Construction Industry with Custom Software Development

Are you looking to streamline your construction processes and enhance project management through innovative software solutions?

Explore our comprehensive suite of advanced construction management software development services tailored to meet the specific needs of the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry. Our technology empowers you to strategically manage and optimize construction-related business processes, providing efficiency and agility in an ever-evolving construction landscape.

Our globally-experienced team of construction software experts is ready to guide you through the transformative journey, delivering solutions that provide a competitive edge in the dynamic construction sector .

Construction Management Software Solution

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Tailored Construction Software Solutions

Accounting & Financial Management

Custom construction software for streamlined financial tracking, reporting, and compliance in your construction business.

Streamlined Bidding

Enhance bidding activities with our custom solutions, optimizing and streamlining the entire bid management process effectively.

Construction ERP

Empower your construction projects with a dedicated Construction ERP system. Our custom solutions assist in creating efficient and integrated processes for the construction industry.

Cost Estimation / Takeoff

Enhance your cost estimation and takeoff processes with our custom-tailored software. Streamline project cost calculations and takeoff activities for improved efficiency.

Equipment Management

Simplify equipment management with our custom solutions. Our software is designed to optimize equipment tracking, maintenance, and utilization for construction operations.

Modeling Drafting

Transform your drafting processes with our modeling drafting solutions. Our custom software enables efficient and accurate modeling and drafting for construction projects.

Project Management

Optimize your project management with our custom solutions. We provide tools for efficient planning, scheduling, and execution of construction projects.

Revit Drafting

Enhance your drafting processes with our Revit drafting solutions. Our custom software is tailored for accurate and efficient drafting using Revit for construction projects.

Scheduling & Submittals

Efficiently manage construction schedules and submissions with our custom solutions, optimizing project document workflows for industry excellence.

Finance AI

Essonoav is a leader in AI-driven smart construction solutions, revolutionizing the AEC industry from planning and design to Fleet Management. Our solutions optimize efficiency, safety, risk mitigation, resource optimisation and decision-making.

  • Planning & Design with AI

    Integrate AI algorithms for optimal design solutions, automating data extraction, clash detection, and scheduling with BIM software, enhancing design efficiency and accuracy.

  • AI-Driven Project Management

    Optimize schedules and resource allocation with AI, analyzing project data to identify risks and automate extraction and organization of information from construction documents.

  • Risk Mitigation Supported by AI

    Implement AI-powered computer vision for real-time construction site monitoring, predicting safety incidents and automating prioritization based on unsafe conditions.

  • AI-Based Quality Control

    Develop AI-driven inspection systems for identifying defects, optimizing construction materials procurement, inventory management, and ensuring high-quality construction.

  • Enhanced Equipment Management with AI

    Implement AI for predictive maintenance of construction equipment, optimizing building systems for energy efficiency, and enabling a proactive approach to maintenance.

  • Fleet Management Driven by AI

    Leverage IoT and AI for real-time fleet tracking, predictive maintenance, fuel and battery monitoring, and optimizing supply chain logistics for materials and equipment delivery.

  • AI-Powered Cost Estimation and Budgeting

    Analyze market trends and project data with AI to make informed decisions about investments, implementing parametric estimating for accurate cost estimations.

  • Mobile App Enhancement with AI

    Integrate AI capabilities into mobile apps for automating data collection, optimizing scheduling, predicting real-time risks, and enhancing efficiency with voice-activated assistants or chatbots.

Our engineers integrated construction accounting software systems with business intelligence engines, ERP tools, and report generators. Enhance workflows and embrace immersive 360° AR/VR experiences. Leverage AI in Construction for Architecture, Engineering, and Constructions (AEC) industries, offering Revit software development, construction bid management solutions, cost estimation, customized ERP, and equipment management.

Develop all-encompassing construction software modules, covering centralized budgeting for purchase orders, cost-to-completion, order changes, subcontracts, earned revenue, and committed costs. Seamlessly integrate asset tracking with accounting, featuring depreciation calculators and audit trails. Additionally, provide payroll software with HCM system integration, mobile timecard APIs, and functionalities like FUTA/SUTA calculators and banking APIs for comprehensive financial management.

Revolutionize project coordination with tailored BIM solutions, configuring clash detection protocols to preempt design conflicts. Seamlessly integrate 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and CAD BIM applications with project management and construction software like Autodesk, Unity, Revit, and Rhino. Elevate facility management with BIM integration into IWMS and CAFM programs, streamlining data on accounting, vendors, licenses, and more.

Expert in Revit, our 3D modeling team utilizes BIM software for top-notch visualizations and task automation. Leverage Revit's cloud rendering for immersive VR experiences. We specialize in custom Revit plugin development, crafting add-ins in VB.NET, C#, and more, enhancing search, automating workflows, and simplifying editing processes.

Tailor ERP CRM software by integrating contact databases, HR/HCM, marketing automation, leads management, customer service portals, and Salesforce. Develop robust construction inventory management systems for streamlined asset requisitioning, real-time tracking, and distribution scheduling. Craft custom construction contract software with modules or standalone programs, encompassing CRM, ERP, and document management. Leverage Essonova's AEC industry expertise for specialized contractor management software.

Utilize database management systems to construct labor, material, and localized equipment cost databases, organized by project type for efficient cataloging. Develop custom quote estimation modules for accurate building material cost calculations, considering market fluctuations and real-time supplier inventories. Boost profit margins with paperless solutions through electrical estimation software, facilitating pricing updates, automated takeoffs, and report generation.

Efficiently manage construction bids with integrated BI engines and database systems for detailed cost analysis, estimated completion times, and labor/subcontractor specifications. Develop secure custom construction bidding apps, enabling coordinated transmission of CAD docs, material takeoffs, proposal requirements, and permits. Our integrated CRM solutions feature bid solicitation dashboards, client profile databases, communication trackers, and marketing automation for seamless contractor management.

Establish centralized platforms for real-time equipment location using popular GPS/GIS platforms like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze. Streamline on-site/off-site tool tracking through cloud-based systems and apps, incorporating barcode usage, IoT technology, and tool assignment features. Track fleet telematics and key performance indicators with real-time analytics dashboards, providing business intelligence telematics, performance analysis, and maintenance scheduling capabilities.

Efficiently manage workforce scheduling with automated appointment and shift functionalities, accommodating staff requirements. Enhance time and attendance tracking with geolocation-enabled apps and electronic timesheets. Seamlessly integrate payroll and accounting into HCM, HRIS, HRMS, ERP, and third-party systems. Streamline construction submittal exchanges, document management, and scheduling logs for a comprehensive project management ecosystem.

Experience tailored AEC project management software designed for construction professionals. Our unique solution offers custom workflows and workroom tools for efficient collaboration. Utilize our mobile app for daily logs, voice recognition, and automated time-stamping, reducing costs and optimizing processes. Ensure construction safety with OSHA-compliant software, simplifying site inspection report submissions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction software streamlines project management, communication, and collaboration. It enhances efficiency, productivity, cost estimation accuracy, resource allocation, transparency, and overall project performance.

Construction software offers improved project management, streamlined communication, enhanced efficiency, accurate cost estimation, better resource allocation, increased transparency, and improved overall project performance.

AI enhances safety monitoring, predicts equipment maintenance, improves quality control, optimizes resource allocation, aids project planning, automates documentation, analyzes images for progress tracking, and facilitates risk management.

Commonly used software includes Procore, PlanGrid, ProEst, Sage Estimating, Primavera P6, Autodesk Revit, QuickBooks, Fieldwire, SafetyTek, and VR/AR tools.

Construction software development involves various technologies such as Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, .NET, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS, Azure, and mobile development technologies for iOS and Android.

Construction software enhances safety by monitoring sites in real-time, predicting safety incidents, automating prioritization, implementing quality control, and facilitating predictive equipment maintenance.

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